Wednesday, March 23, 2011

8th Day - Yai'lili

Without gettig into the specifics of whether you liked the video or not. I think it is undeniable that this raises the bar for Jewish music videos in general.



Leibel said...

I, too, would like to try Ya'alili, but I just haven't met it yet.

And does DeScribe count as a Jewish music video?

Avi said...

Tx, Pretz for posting. I'm not sure how one raises the bar on Jewish music videos... Is there such a genre? In any case, I enjoyed it-ish until ppl pointed out, as Leibel did above, that this was heavily modeled after Michael Buble's video.

Sadly, this is one more instance of tagging after general pop culture in place of charting new and popular paths in Jewish culture. Grr.

Avi said...

Which is not to say it is a bad video.

My technical critique: The videography ios crisp, well-colorized, well-shot, well-angled. The constant color to b/w is unnecessary and distracting. Cute. Fun. Messageless. Meaningless.

Avi said...

note on Youtube uploads: In the Embed link, select custom and put 400 width.