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L'Shana Haba

Some of the thoughts that made me post this: "Zman Simchaseinu" "Freilach" "MBD" "Obscure" "MBD - Obscure" "MBD/Abie Rotenberg" "MBD/Abie Rotenberg - Obscure" "K'dei di kleine kinderlach zolen nit ainshluffen"

Lshana Habah - Abie Rotenberg

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ve'af Hu

I think Peretz posted the second Yossele back in the day. There are many more recordings of this out there, (almost as many as Ad Heina) please post if you have any.
Avi, can we get a poll?

Rosenblatt 1
veaf hu hoyo miskavein1.mp3 - yosele rosenblatt

Rosenblatt 2
veaf hu hoyo miskavain2.mp3 - yosele rosenblatt

koussevitzky brothers
Track 3 - Koussevitzky Brothers