Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Masai Timloch • "The Singers"

Truly and sadly the perfect candidate for this Terrible Tune Tuesday.

Just a handful of things to look out for if you are not compelled to look away: the Trumpeter giving sympathetic looks to the lead singer "So sorry I can't help you offstage. I'm contracted to stay put till 11." The phone hanging out the back pocket "in case someone calls to wake me up from this nightmare" along with keys that assure the shocked public "I'M STILL CHASSIDISH!!!". Red wire, earmuffs and some really creepy wiggle-tush. What a jam-packed fail-fest of bad music, bad manners and life-sucking vocals.

I like.


Chanoch said...

Avi, thanks for the good laugh.
I couldn't take my eyes off the guy's keys :-)

Peretz said...

The saddest part is that it is a PRMOTIONAL video!

Avi said...

From the YouTube comments (really depressing!), it seems this is taken from a nit yiddishe source. Anyone recognize the tune?

Peretz said...

His keys are everywhere! Come on guys!

Shmuel said...

A YouTube comment for your pleasure:

תגידו מה אתם מפגרים ?!?! מה עבר לכם בראש שעשיתם את זה ועוד שהעלתם את זה לאינטרנט

תפסיקו להפוך כל דבר ל"יהודי" אתם הורסים את המוזיקה ומזלזלים ביוצרים

זה בדיחה ואפילו בשפה שלכם, טוייבה

Peretz said...

I am looking forward to this post getting the most comments yet!

Ber said...

Original Song:
Ai se eu te pego by Michel Teló.

I know this because of a much better parody:

itzyklein said...

wow, those are very disturbing

Leibel said...

May I suggest a new SSY feature? How about paWWet cWeanser Wednesday?