Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Absolutely Yess! • The Yess Legacy

A soon-to-be-released Moshe Yess tribute project is gaining publicity. We don't have to dwell on the benefits or excitement of the project; or on the vocal and musical results. The people behind the project have an absolute feeling for Moshe Yess, which is evident in the artists participating. And though nothing and no one will come close to replicating that  music, those lyrics, that voice, the guitar-slash-bongo, and a neshama from the highest highest high, it's gotta be good.

Here's Aryeh Kunstler singing the already released and free download "Coming Home."

Here's a full Nachum Segal interview with Gershon Veroba and Yossi Zweig about the project. There are a couple of interesting tidbits in there but I'll save you the effort: Less than a month ago Shalom LeVine spent a full day in studio and conducted a full-length video interview on how Megama met and what the process was like. The last 5 minutes of the interview have Moshe himself singing Coming Home.

Go to for details and participating artist bios.


Tali Yess said...

By The way, The website address is NOT it's

Tali Yess said...

The Yess Legacy ALbum is finally out.
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