Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yaale • Yaron Gershovsky

With the same intro and arrangements as "Tatte bistu..." sung by Avraham Fried. Why mess with magic? Off of "A nigun is forever" one in a series of piano recordings—I think in the late 90s—of Chabad nigunnim performed by Yaron Gershovsky.

On Motz"sh, my brother gave me a shopping bag full of cassettes, this one among them. As luck and my paycheck would have it, I have a cassette player in my car and have been enjoying some listens to the not-so-new and the very exceptional.

One cassette from my kid-years that I miss: Achva, one of Abie Rotenberg's early groups. According to my opinion and memory, Yeedle's "Li'olam lo eshkach" on III Shiru Lamelech is an original Achva.



Yammo said...

Do you mean Le'olam Lo Eshkach on Yeedle's first album, Gut Shabbos? I remember that song being composed by Abie. Never knew it was that old...
Great choice!

Avi said...

I do mean that album. Thanks for correcting!

Shmuel said...

*Working cassette player :-)