Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ani Maamin • MBD
Let My People Go, 1985

At the time of its release in the tempestuous 1980s, this recording underlined all that was rebellious and bad. It referenced current events in the scandalous title track, venerated Gaave in the brash "I'm So Proud" and employed the distinctively pritzusdi'ke techniques of Bass and falsetto. Oy, meh hoya lanu.

Stay happy, my friends.


Our Broken Yeshivos said...

You leave out the use of the word 'hell' in title-track, back then, cause for much concern

Yammo said...

...not to mention the synths on Ani Ma'amin and B'ein Meilitz Yosher" (another awesome song), and the AWESOME slap bass on "I'm So Proud"! I love this album!!

Chanoch said...

Avi, this gave me a good laugh! When this album came out I was a teenager in the very "open minded" detroit. The word then was that this was a treifeh album with "vulgar" language (Hell R"L...). Great album!