Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eliyohu Hanavi • Yeedle

Having mentioned Yeedle yesterday, I just went ahead and made it a Yeedle day.

Here's one gem I heard in which MBD harmonails it note after note (starting with "Im moshiach ben Dovid" at 1:59). It is not a particularly clean arrangement, but his "HEE-nei anoichi sholei'ach lochem..." at 2:17. Pssssshhhh! And catch the appropriateness of "...v'heishiv lev avos al bonim v'lev bonim al avosom."

Also speaking on Yeedle, he released an all new yesterday. On the album cover, he looks like a funky doctor. On the free track provided by Jewish Music Report, he sounds like he may have over-prescribed special effects and overdosed on improvisation. But it is weirdly interesting to listen to and I'm interested in hearing more.


Coolio said...

appreciate the musical appreciation for once!!

finally more of that!!

Shmuel said...

Waiting with bated breath for the International Day of Kanie L'Shimcha.

As the clock got closer to 730 this morning, I kept thinking I should come on over, and take part in a duet.