Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fast Oldies II • AF / Around the Year III (1989)

Here is a series of stellar earworms for your listening pleasure. I particularly recommend :33 (Tatte ich loib Dir!) and 1:25 (Ki mei-oyi-lom, ki mei-oi-lom...).

Thank you Zalman, Ber and Peretz for trying and Benny for nailing the correct location of this clip.

Melech! Goi'el! U'moi-sheeeeeee-aaaah!


Shmuel said...

This reminds me of so many family road trips.

I see miles of break lights on the GWB coming back from the country. I fondly remember the red car with the diesel engine, and later the "chocolate car", and the smell of 2nd hand smoke. This song is from a time when cigarette lighters in cars were used to lighting cigarets.

I see rest stops on 1-80, picnic breakfasts, and trips to the zoo.

Thanks for sharing.

Chanoch said...

Tatte ich loib Dir is a Yom Tov Ehrlich song. Thanks for sharing.

Yammo said...

You can tell a cheap Suki Berry arrangement (lehavdil from the great Suki Berry arrangements, of which there are many) by the corny disco with hand claps on the upbeat. Ugh...
Good songs though.