Thursday, January 24, 2013

We Won't Be Left Alone • MBD (Mona 3)

Referring to a performer by his or her first name has long been a benchmark of stratospheric success. Though it is less incredible in the Jewish world, it is no less true as Avremel, Abie and MBD have shown and as "Yaakov" "Michoel" and "Yossi" have also, less intentionally shown.

Composers and arrangers don't tend to earn first name recognition. Except Mona. (Granted, his name is Mona.)

I don't truly know what Mona has composed, arranged or produced over the lasts bunch of decades but I know it has been broad, deep and not overly attention-seeking. It was and is all very musical.

From Mona 3, this MBD number is a little over-lyriced for my head to handle; the Hebrew version of same is quite a bit better; but it's still Mo-nificent.

UPDATE: Found the Hebrew version.

HT: HaProfessor on SoundCloud. Quite a good stream as I am noticing!

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